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Hair Flash Color is the #1 Hair Make-Up, an innovative concept offering the next generation of beauty lifestyle product. It is the #1 temporary dyeing that takes care of the hair. It is easy to use, thanks to a spray system, and with one shampoo it does away.

Hair Flash color exists in 6 different shades: Light Blond, Golden Blond, Red Cooper, Light Brown, Dark Brown and 1 Brown for Men. With a natural formula, Argan & Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and UV protector, Hair Flash Color nourishes and protects the hair.

75% of women dye their hair in the United States. This market represents 15 billion dollars. In more, the dyeing for men brings over 201 million dollars. So why would we put this potential target beside?

We are the only temporary hair dyeing that proposes a product made for the men as well.

Above all to compare our product is a hair make-up, we offer a lifestyle concept to cover the needs and the desire of all the women that dye their hair, fashion accessory, highlight, change the color of your hair, give reflects, cover the roots…

Our target is not only limited to 35 years old women and up but to each person who dyes their hair: Woman, Men, from 16 years old to up. We offer an affordable luxury accessory.

Today we are proud of our establishment on the export market. With South Africa, Middle East, South America and others territories planned for the next few months. We confirmed our presence on the web with great partnerships with online marketplaces and others retailers. Our professional line keeps growing in the U.S. We are willing to please you and keep developing our product to meet your needs.

Hair Flash Color provides a premium Product, an innovative Concept on an unlimited Market.

Now, everybody will experience a new daily beauty attitude :

As you Make-Up your face, Now Make-Up Your Hair !

We have a unique outstanding business model and today we invite each leader to join our team…

If you are a dynamic entrepreneur, you want to develop a unique business distribution and take part of the new generation of cosmetic do not wait and contact us.

Hair Flash Color
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